Dad Is Frozen To The Spot When His Son Rolls Up With Most Unexpected Surprise

Dave Thompson of Auckland, New Zealand received the ultimate payback last Thursday after saving his son from losing his house after he had racked up personal debts trying to save his failing property business.

Always one to put family first, Dave Thompson has always been a model father. From coaching his son’s soccer games, to watching him graduate from the University of Auckland, Dave never failed to miss a moment.

So it came as a shock when he discovered his son Ryan was told his home was at risk due to credit card debt and loans of more than $15,000 which he took out to try and keep things afloat prior to the failure of a property business he had set-up two years ago.

“When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you,” Dave says. “I’m proud of my son for giving it a go but it didn’t work out. It happens. There’s nothing more valuable than the happiness of my family. That money was most of my savings but I just did what I could to help.”

A heartwarming gesture for sure, but one he definitely never expected to be repaid for. Until... Two weeks later something extraordinary happened.

"Despite me thinking it was worth pretty much nothing I got a big out of the blue from a competitor for my business and what they were offering was great! Naturally - bit their hand off at it"

"The first thing I thought about was giving back to my Dad who had helped me so much. So after I set aside funds to pay him back I also managed to scout down his dream and buy it for him. I knew he'd love it and his face said it all!"

Wow! This story moved us a lot.

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