How To Organize Scarves

Scarves can be an accessory that doesn't have a place among the rest of your wardrobe as far as organizing it. However, if you really like scarves they can add up and be hard to figure out where to organize them so they are easily accessible. Depending on the space you have in your home, take a look below to find an easy solution to organizing your scarves the best way possible.

1. Put them through shower rings that can be put along the wall. 

2. Tension rods work great if there is an end of a hallway with walls that they can fit in between. 

3. Screw in doorhandles horizontally along the closet wall or door and put the scarves through the handle. This allows you to not take up space on shelves or in drawers.

4. Stuff them in large plastic cups that can be glued or stuck to the wall. This is a cheaper option that works really well.

5. PVC pipe that can be placed into drawers which the scarves can be placed into. 

6. Over the door shoe organizer.

7. Glue clothes pins to a board that can be attached to the back of a door. Each scarf can be held by the clothes pins.

8. Zip lines that you would normally hang laundry on makes scarves better organized and easily accessible. Get organized and take up less space in your closet/wardrobe by using this Zip Line that comes with clips which can hold each scarf.


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