How To Organize Menswear Accessories

When someone has a lot of accessories that go with their clothing it can often clutter the closet as there is extra items that need a place. There is nothing worse than digging through an unorganized closet. So whether it's you personally or significant other here are some tips on how to get those accessories organized.

Ties - The best method for storing ties is not actually getting a storage device to put them on as that can get very cluttered when the amount of ties buildup. Folding them up like a cinnamon bun is very effective and very easy to pick out the right tie without any hassle

Belts - Folding up your belts like the ties above and sticking them in a drawer is the best way to go. Place them against the ends to keep them from unwinding.  

Cufflinks - The best strategy for cufflinks is purchasing a storage box specially made for them. They will be designed so the cufflinks aren't touching to avoid scratching. 

Pocket Squares - Just like the cufflinks the best way to store pocket squares is to get a specially designed storage system. This makes them easier to see and pick out which is much more efficient than folding them up and digging through a drawer. Want to get organized? Start with this 5x8 Pocket Square Organizer Box that will make it much easier to select which one will be worn for the day. 


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