How To Tie A Blanket Scarf Like Mom

With the 'mom chic' trend taking the fashion world by storm there are many women that are adding mom's style to their own. One item of clothing that women are wearing a lot is the blanket scarf. But how does one even tie the scarf? Take a look below at how to wear a blanket scarf just like grandma does.

While there are many different ways one can wear a scarf, The Loop is a classic look that is perfect for the 'granny chic' style. Here is how to tie The Loop with a blanket scarf:

1. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise. 

2. Place the folded scarf around the neck, with one side longer than the other.

3. Take the longer side of the scarf and wrap it around the back the neck by brining it back to the front.

4. Take the end from the last step and put it through the loop

5. Adjust the scarf accordingly

The blanket scarf is an easy 'mom chic' item to compliment an existing style so take a look at this Patterned Blanket Scarf.


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