Top Designer Picks To Change Your Work Life

Efficiency and productivity are the best ways to show how valuable you can be in a work environment. The most stable way to reach your personal goals and achieve great success in life is to work hard, and attain a high position. There are countless get rich quick schemes that seem to good to be true, and most of the time they are, but nothing has yielded the better results than hard work and dedication. However saying that, there are a few small subtle tricks you can use to stand out in the office, give off the best presentation of your image and perhaps advance economically. The number one way is a high level of presentation.


1. If you have ever heard the expression dress for the job you want, not the job you have, then you were in good company. Dress the part, act the part and fake it until you make it. That doesn't mean you should wear a suit to a labour job, but always dress smart and ready for whatever work you have.


2. Its surprising how much a difference shoes can make to a persons appearance. You may not think that people look at your shoes, but girls for one do... a lot. If you walk into the office with nicely polished shoes, with a good heel that produces a nice sound then its one way to show some level of dominance. 


3. The simple, cheapest and best trick to gain a level of elitism. If you have an office job and whether or not you are required to wear a suit to work, adorn yourself with a pocket square. It will really allow you to stand out and seem professional, attentive and organised with these small attentions to detail. Make sure it matches, try looking at a few options here.


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