Top Tips For Dressing Appropriately This Winter

Winter is a tough time of year, it has statistically shown that more deaths occur in winter than in any other time of year, especially among the young and elderly. It can be a magically time of year as well, so long as you are prepared and take all the required pro-cautions. If you want to enjoy the winter time, and make the most of all the festivities then here are the best tips to keep warm in winter. Take note that these tips are also very useful if going abroad to colder conditions and not solely to be used in winter time, but whenever temperatures are cold!


1. Dress in layers, the more the better. It is better to have multiple thin layers that one larger, thicker layer. Particularly has you can take layers off. 


2. Dress for the activity that you will be doing. If you are hiking where correct shoes and a windbreaker jacket. If just walking around town perhaps a thinner jacket and jumper.


3. Get winter socks and insulated boots. It is most important to keep your extremities well protected from the elements.


4. Always wear a hat and gloves. The most exposed part of your body will be your head and face, so minimise the effects of the weather by wearing a hat. Gloves wiil keep those digits functional.


5. Keep yourself dry at all times. Body heat can be lost more quickly on a wet body than a dry one.


6. Accessories are key. Scarfs, gloves, hats, in-liners etc are the key to keeping warm. Perhaps the most essential and often overlooked item of clothing is a scarf. It is multipurpose and will be able to keep your neckline warm and even be used to cover your face and nose if required. Check below to have a look at a highly recommended scarf.


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